Benefits of Counselling

People usually listen to us with the intention of answering and putting their opinion forward. In counselling, we listen with the intention of understanding and seeing the world through your window. Counselling can ensure that you feel heard, give you a space to think and talk about your emotional issues. It’s a place where you can completely be yourself without being judged. Counselling can help you find the source of your problems and the courage and strength to face them. Counselling is about having somebody there, walking beside you on your journey.


  • Laura Patterson

    I would like to use the diagram of benefits of counselling on a brochure. It is the one with the circles and “just a few benefits of counselling” in the middle. Are you the author of this or do you remember whether it is a free image? Thank you.

    • TWhalley

      Hi Laura,

      The site is currently being updated and some images have been updated or removed. The image with a few benefits of counselling is one that has been updated and does belong to me so please feel free to use it with the still intact Thanks for visiting and good luck with your brochure. Warm regards, Tracey

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