About Me

A little something about me.

I am an Integrative Person Centred Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

I also have a level 5 diploma in  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and have done training in Existentialism, Mindfullness, Suicide, Sexual abuse, Anxiety, Depression, Mind-body illnesses and Psycho-Social Psychology.

I believe in a more mindful way of healing and alleviating mental stress.

I believe we all have the answers inside us and once we hear our own voice, we can begin to move forward and find our real selves and in turn become our own internal therapist.

Repression and rumination cause many of the mental health issues, including physical illnesses too. I want to help people to be able to recognise their negative thoughts and root causes and find a way forward by accepting these emotions and moving beyond them. I work with a psycho-social, existential approach.

I am a member of the BACP and I comply with their rules regarding confidentiality and their ethical framework which you can learn more about here.. (www.bacp.co.uk/ethical_framework/)

I offer you a nurturing, safe environment to explore your problems. I understand that starting therapy is very daunting and I endeavour to help make you to feel at ease.

The therapeutic relationship is built on trust and honesty and my priority is to enable you to feel heard and understood without judgement.

This in itself can help you to feel less alone and that someone is finally hearing you and this can bring lots of comfort and relief and a feeling of being less burdened.

Therapy can help you to develop a better understanding of yourself and your problems, can build your confidence and help you to make better choices to enhance your life.

Counsellor Tracey Whalley

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