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What is Person Centred Therapy

Person centred therapy is a talking therapy. It’s not about giving advice but rather about giving you a safe place to explore your feelings and bring about autonomy. The therapy uses three core conditions, empathy-to view the world through the clients eyes, congruence-to be completely honest with the client and Unconditional positive regard-to be completely accepting of the client. This approach has both client and counsellor as equal partners in the therapeutic relationship. The Counsellor is not the expert on how the client feels.

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Therapy During Covid 19

Life has not been easy lately during the pandemic and some of you may be seeking therapy.  To keep Therapy accessible during …

Benefits of Counselling

People usually listen to us with the intention of answering and putting their opinion forward. In counselling, we listen …

Wellbeing and Mental Health in Football

Football can be a very lonely place with pressure to perform from within the club, the media, fans and family and friends. …